The Spirit of Complaining

calm_waters_bar_harbor_maine“Do not complain… so that you yourselves may not be judged; behold, the Judge is standing right at the door.” -James 5.9

The faith that was handed down to us from the apostles runs entirely against the winds of this age.

The apostolic faith is primarily an inward reality, and the work that Christ is most concerned with performing in us has to do with the inner-man. In that light, it becomes necessary to ask: Am I free from a complaining spirit in the secret places of my heart? Am I complaining about my financial status, or jealous of some position that another man has been placed in?

Are you looking at the next man’s belongings, your neighbor’s prosperity, or the elevated position of someone to whom you are related? Is there a complaining spirit in your heart because you haven’t gotten what you feel you deserve in one area or another?

Friends, “the Judge is standing right at the door.” When He comes, we find that all of the externals that have driven the souls in our nation are nothing more than transient objects, and to covet them is to chase after the wind. You cannot grasp a worldly position or a temporal possession. In light of eternity, in light of the cross, in light of the Lord’s soon return, complaining becomes a nonsensical act. The Lord cannot abide the soul who walks through life with a complaining spirit. He only dwells with those who are thankful.

Today, ask the Lord for the garments of thanksgiving and praise. God will unleash His own joy upon you in the place of thanksgiving, when you bow low enough to get beneath the moving and whipping winds of this age. Stay low, dear saint. Beneath the winds of this age, in humble thanksgiving you have the high privilege of gazing upon the King of the ages. What you are clutching in fear and envy must be discarded. Grasp the hem of His garments and do not let go of Him! Virtue will flow from the Son, and you will be healed of the deathly cycle of complaint. He will replace the spirit of complaining with the oil of holy gladness.

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