Boldness for Entry Into the Holiest Place

“Therefore let us draw near with boldness to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” -Heb. 4.16

We cannot pass through the heavens on any basis other than the blood of the Lamb. The powers of the air are too crafty in deceiving us, our blindness and depravity are too deep-seated, and our flesh is too earthbound to ascend into the heavenlies at all. Hear W.C. Burns on this:

Now I fear we often think that we can come without this blood; or rather without any deep sense of our need of it. But what is the reason of that? Simply that some of us do not know God at all; and that we never yet have discovered either our enmity to God, or God’s contrariety to us.

Now, beloved friends, the very first effect which the knowledge of God has upon a man, is to make him feel that he is full of enmity to God, and that therefore he cannot and dare not come to God. He trembles at the very mention of his name: he never can hear it with joy until he has been sprinkled by the blood.

…. But when God by his Spirit draws us, then we come by his way, and have boldness to enter into the Holiest of all.

But then, remember, that makes us humble. No soul that ever entered there remained proud, either toward God or man: and this just belies the approaches to God that some people say they make. If they find it a natural and easy thing to come into the secret of his presence; if they find that their nature goes quite along with it, and they can enter there at all times, without difficulty; this proves nothing but their ignorance of God.

The effect of the least knowledge of God’s blessed perfections, is to drive a man to the blood of Christ, and to make him set a high value on that precious blood. Now it is that, this blood having been applied afresh to the conscience, he comes a poor, rebellious, God-dishonouring sinner, to present on the altar his body and soul a living sacrifice.

…. We come to the Holy God, as to one who is a Spirit, possessed of infinite perfections, the just, true, and gracious God. His presence is called the Holiest of all.

…. How do we come to Him? By the blood of the covenant; and with all boldness.

(Revival Sermons by William C. Burns; Banner of Truth, 1869; pp. 70-71)

Beloved saints, there is a vast difference between boldly entering the holiest place by His blood, and the modern curse of presumptuous religion, which convinces a man that he may enter on the basis of his Church attendance, his ministry endeavors, his charisma, or his history in religion. If we have not felt inwardly our inability to pass through the heavens, if we have not become aware of the depravity and limitation of our humanness, we are not boldly entering, but are carrying out some other kind of religious frenzy.

A man may only enter by the blood of the Lamb. We cannot enter because we have a particular form of prayer, or because of our spiritual reputation before men. We cannot enter on the coat tails of our fathers or friends. We cannot enter on the basis of being a part of a certain party, denomination, or movement. A man may only enter when his soul has been sprinkled by the precious blood of Christ, when his heart has gone out to God in faith, and when his heart has been touched with the newness of Divine life. This is only attainable through the blood itself. The life is in the blood, and if we are approaching the faith without a conscious need for it, it is not that we have matured or graduated into a greater spirituality; it’s that we have lost an awareness of sin, and of our absolute need for His mercy. It’s not that we’ve come onto the grounds of maturity¬†and depth, it’s that we’ve abandoned the very foundations upon which true faith is experienced.

We have a High Priest who has “passed through the heavenlies,” ascended with Divine force above every principality and power, and who has been seated at the right hand of Majesty, and He reigns there for our entry into the Holiest place.

“No man comes to the Father but through Me,” is not just a statement for our initial salvation, but a heavenly law for all communion with God and for all revelation of Himself. We must come into the holiest of all through the Son, which is to say, by His own blood.

Have you entered today, dear saint?

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