Dragged Away With the Wicked

“Do not drag me away with the wicked,
With those who do evil,
Who speak cordially with their neighbors
But harbor malice in their hearts.” -Ps. 28.3

The psalmist was acutely aware that the Lord desires truth in the inmost parts, and his own longings had been overcome by the Lord’s in this regard. Sitting in a place of enthronement, with great power at his disposal, David could have thought and spoken maliciously of any man in the land, and scarce few would have raised any question about his justification in so doing.

But the “sweet-singer” of Israel knew something about the abiding presence of the Lord, and even after his own great moral collapse, his cry was for cleansing, and he pleaded with the Lord: “Do not take your Holy Spirit from me.”

David did not want to be dragged away with the wicked, for he did not want to lose the sense of Yahweh’s nearness, of heart-cleanness, of truth and love in the inmost parts. He knew that doing evil consisted of more than the overt and obvious sins of foreign kings, but that even harboring malice inwardly would poison his soul and cause him to be dragged away with the wicked.

He did not want to bear and live with that despicable hypocrisy, of acting cordially and politely with men, while harboring hatred, superiority, and bitterness on the inside.

I wonder how often we are being “dragged away with the wicked” without even knowing it, for we are religious enough to act cordial and proper on the outside, but inside we are thinking of ourselves more highly than we ought to. If we have a mixture of malice, arrogance, unforgiveness, or jealousy in our hearts towards men, our external kindness becomes a terrible deception, and we are not only fooling other men, but we are deceiving ourselves.

David knew that there was no fooling the Lord, and so he aligned his heart with the Lord’s desire for truth in the inward parts. “Let me not be dragged away into the barren wastelands of gossip, unforgiveness, bitterness, jealousy, hatred, and superiority complexes. Let me walk in true sonship, laying my life down for both brethren and enemies, walking tenderly and circumspectly before the God of holiness and love.”

Are you harboring malice or darkness toward others today? Do not be dragged away with the wicked, friends. Forsake the spirit of this age, and be filled with the Spirit of God, who makes men righteous and true, and teaches us the reality of mercy and love.

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