Fulfilling the Heavenly Vision

“…. Take heed to the ministry which you have received from the Lord, that you may fulfill it.” -Col. 4.17

If the Lord has given you a particular burden for ministry and service, turning away from that calling will reduce your own capacity to hear and be directed by Him. This does not have to do with ministry dreaming, or working up ideas for a certain work, but that which He speaks in the most notable times of fellowship in prayer. Hear Chambers on this:

Joy means the perfect fulfillment of that for which I was created and regenerated, not the successful doing of a thing.

…. Have I received a ministry from the Lord? If so, I have to be loyal to it, to count my life precious only for the fulfilling of that ministry.

…. There is no choice of service, only absolute loyalty to our Lord’s commission; loyalty to what you discern when you are in closest contact with God. If you have received a ministry from the Lord Jesus, you will know that the need is never the call: the need is the opportunity. The call is loyalty to the ministry you received when you were in real touch with Him.

(My Utmost for His Highest, March 5th selection)

It is one thing to be so self-conscious about ministry that you remove yourself from the joy and simplicity of sonship, it is quite another thing to play Jonah and move in the opposite direction of that which the Lord has required in your most intimate times of communion. Can you remember a time when your fellowship with Him was deeper and more personal? Were there burdens or obediences that He called you to during that time that you have failed to fulfill?

Go back to that place of fellowship with Him, and fulfill that which you have received from Him. He will help you rebuild the broken altars. When your life is upon the sacrificial table He will send the fire to light your soul again. “He makes…. His ministers flames of fire.”

2 thoughts on “Fulfilling the Heavenly Vision

  1. What a timely word. Just this morning I was reviewing before the Lord things He has spoken that I have neglected or, even worse, despised to an extent, in the pursuit of some other phase of ministry that I thought might be more valuable.

    How unique and individually He has made us and what joy to embrace the uniqueness with which He has crafted us… What fulfillment there is in being what we were created to be!

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