The Security of Inward Trust

“Those who trust in the Lord
Are as Mount Zion, which cannot be moved but abides forever.
As the mountains surround Jerusalem,
So the Lord surrounds His people
From this time forth and forever.” -Ps. 125.1-2

These trusting souls [of Ps. 125.1-2] are compared to Zion, their life’s foundation. They ‘do not waver,’ they remain forever.

…. we should immediately point out that those who are protected by Yahweh are now called ‘his people.’ Thus Psalm 125 does not speak of a special group or party of pious people who serve their God in strict observance, but the subject is the people of God. The protective power of Yahweh is illustrated by the situation of Jerusalem. The city of David on the southeastern elevation, but also the temple hill, lies lower than the hills round about. Like a high wall mountain ranges, especially in the east, surround the holy city. In like manner Yahweh- like a wall- is present round about his people with his protective power.

(PSALMS: A Continental Commentary, Hans Joachim-Kraus; Fortress Press, p. 445)

In the psalmist’s eschatological mind, Mount Zion is the highest picture of solidity and security. It is not considered great because of its high altitude or its geological grandeur. It is only a little bump of a hill. Indeed, as is noted, the mountains surrounding Jerusalem tower above Zion like a fortifying wall.

Though it is not physically impressive, there is no place more secure and invulnerable than Mount Zion in its eschatological glory, for God Himself dwells upon it, and His protective power surrounds and fills every corner and crevice of its region.

The psalmist declares that those who trust in the Lord are as Mount Zion itself. Those who trust in the Lord are not merely the great heroes of the faith that we esteem and memorialize, but the ones who cast themselves upon Him in the weakest places of life. Like Zion, they might not appear as great mountains of faith, but as little hills surrounded and pressed from every side. But because their trust is in Yahweh, they “cannot be moved.” They abide forever.

In the midst of the trial and press of the real stuff of life- financial challenge, persecution, misunderstandings, sickness and pain- the Lord does not look for you to put on a heroic religious performance, but simply to trust in Him. It’s the inward casting of our lives upon the Lord that marks us as His people.

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