The Mighty Kindness of God

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Pet. 5.6-7

The awareness of God’s mighty and Kingly hand, when combined with an awareness of His tender-loving care for our every step in life, is a remarkable impetus for freeing up our souls to walk out the purposes of God in the earth. When we come to understand that the Lord is neither a harsh dictator, nor a careless and loose father without standards, we are able to posture ourselves for the revelation of God as He is. He is a heavenly King, with ultimate authority over all creation, and He is worthy of our lives, right down to the marrow of who we are. Simultaneously, He is the kindest, most caring and tender Person we will ever encounter.

The revelation of His Lordship teaches us that He is utterly worthy of total surrender and honor. We bow before a heavenly King, and His glory is so penetrating that it causes the door sockets of the heavenly temple to shake. He is deserving of the highest praise and esteem, and to walk in the fear of the Lord is to know the wisdom of eternity.

The revelation of His fatherly and shepherding nature teaches us that He is not standoffish, not pushing us away, not loving us based on our own religious strife and effort. He is tender and kind because that is who He is. His holiness and purity are not disconnected from His kindness and humility. All these attributes are simply flashes of traits that we see when we behold Him as He is.

When we see that He is worthy of the laying down of our lives, and that the Gospel is totally requiring; when we see that at the same time He is absolutely merciful and kind to us, and that He will always be the God of kindness, our hearts are struck and we are made ready to “laugh at loss and defy destruction.”

O my soul, set not thine affections upon rusting, moth-eaten, decaying treasures, but set thine heart upon Him who abides for ever faithful to thee. Build not thine house upon the moving quicksands of a deceitful world, but found thy hopes upon this rock, which, amid descending rain and roaring floods, shall stand immovably secure. My soul, I charge thee, lay up thy treasure in the only secure cabinet; store thy jewels where thou canst never lose them. Put thine all in Christ; set all thine affections on His person, all thy hope in His merit, all thy trust in His efficacious blood, all thy joy in His presence, and so thou mayest laugh at loss, and defy destruction.

(Spurgeon, Morning and Evening, May 11 selection)

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