Thoughts Upon Rising is the blog page of Bryan Anthony Purtle.

Bryan has served the Lord as a preacher/teacher since 1996. He has worked in Kansas City, MO at greatest length, but has been privileged also to serve in Turkey, China, and to various Christian communities throughout America. His chief jealousy is for Jesus Christ to be supremely treasured and glorified in the Church, that a “demonstration of the manifold wisdom of God” would be given through the lives of His people. That is to say, he is concerned for a recovery, both in theology and praxis, of the prophetic and apostolic foundations of the faith.

To this end he preaches and writes with an especial emphasis on the supremacy of Christ, the knowledge of God, the centrality of the Cross, the mystery of Israel and the Church, prayer and the abiding life, biblical manhood and womanhood, the glories of marriage and parenting, the Church as a familial community engaged in Gospel mission— “to the Jew first”, and also to the “uttermost parts of the earth.”

He currently lives in midtown Kansas City, where he does custom leather work for firefighter helmets, enjoys life with family, friends, and the local Church, while devoting himself to the study and sharing of the Scriptures. He teaches and preaches on occasion in various settings where the Church is gathered. He has been happily married to Audrey since 1998, and is the father of five beautiful children. Bryan and Audrey are members of Bellicose Church in Westport, KCMO.

Audio recording of his sermons can be heard and downloaded at https://soundcloud.com/bryan-anthony242

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Bryan,
    I’ve enjoyed what I’ve been able to read from you and I’m adding a link to you from my blog. I have a few off line questions for you, would you mind sending me a personal email?

  2. Friend,

    I am moved by your comments here – http://iseeitdifferently.wordpress.com/2008/02/09/art-katzs-new-website/

    You express a dear heart that has longed for such repentance you talk about and have yearned for it before the throne of grace. Thank you for your ministry and surely I have been caught casting stones at such ministries. Although I don’t make much of them, nor our sweaty, fervent work for Christ, I long for Him and to be found in Him all the days of my life.

    Have many friends that visit the ministries of KC, IHOP and the like but have not heard of your until now. What have you seen since being there alongside IHOP. Can we be misguided, as many are saying of KC-IHOP, by just a slight degree and end up not hitting the target in the end?
    Can ministries who just haven’t shown much true discernment, nor true Biblical insight, be all there, wells filled and used by GOD?

    It seems many are throwing stones at ministries and may not being faithful and obedient to GOD in their sphere of influence. It is a ministry of distant convenience, not self-less presence.

    Keep at it, dear friend. You are just slightly younger than me and seem to have a strong head on your shoulders. Find yourself face-down before the throne and pray that I might keep my fervor and zeal humbly before our GOD!

  3. Hullo Bryan, I thank The Heavenly Father for you, I came across your website today and I believe I was led by the heavenly Father, and most paining in my heart is that the first article I came across was talking about the biblical King David’s repentance after his sin of adultery and illicit affair with Bathsheba was exposed by Prophet Nathan. This frankly brought back to my memory my sins against the Lord God through out my lifetime to this date.
    I have been engaged in incest with my paternal Aunt for almost the last 10 years. When I completed my diploma course 11 years ago, I came back to the village, and I immediately fell in love with my Aunt (who is my junior by about 6 years and) we frequently engaged in incest. Even when she was already married, we would still get time whenever she would come back home for a visit. In all her subsequent failed marriages in the last so years, we have kept our sinful relationship “alive”. Little did I know that I would one day come to regret this sinful act. Late last year, I decided to live a settled life and married a beautiful, God-fearing, loving, caring and faithful woman. To my shock I tested for hiv/aids, and my test was positive, to make matters worst, my wife is pregnant. I am at a fixed.

    I am really desperate, angry, shameful, and feeling filthy for what I have put myself, my wife and our unborn child into. I am wholeheartedly begging the Heavenly Father to forgive me for my sins. I feel hopeless and feel like I should just die. I have committed the unimaginable, and put lives of many people in danger. Heavenly father, don’t take your spirit away from me, please I beg for forgiveness and healing. I promise never to ever engage in immoral acts and I dedicate my entire household to the service of the Lord. I promise to testify to the entire world on your grace and kindness on my family, I promise to be an example in the community amongst whom I live and be an Ambassador for the marginalised and oppressed in my community and the world at large. Heavenly Father, I surrender my heart, soul, strength, life, family, education, asset, job and everything of mine in your hands. Lord Have Mercy on the living and the unborn. In the precious name and Blood of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  4. Hi Bryan,
    Prophet Samuel connected us to your website! Very rich and deeply profound. Your paper on the prophet – the call back to the ancient paths is essential for all believers to understand and demonstrate to the Church and to a lost and dying world.
    Arthur Katz was my husband, Shelly Volk’s, spiritual father – we served the Lord with him in Northern Minnesota in the mid 70’s to mid 80’s, for 81/2 years. Shelly was one of the leaders of Ben Israel – and he conducted Art’s funeral service.
    I wrote a book that you might be interested in reading: The God Who Answers By Fire; A Jewish Saga … please send me your address in Kanas and I it would be my privilege to send you a copy. (You can use my e-mail)
    May the Lord bless this Season – of Remembering in the fulness of time Jesus was born – to redeem us – for you and for your family.
    With Blessings,
    June Volk

    • June, I just read your blog about Art’s trip to Canada, what a beautiful testimony of faithfulness! I was a former atheist who was saved 5 years ago by Gods grace. Art Katz became a father to me in the faith though he will never know it. God has fed me in my wilderness through his books/sermons and I am grateful for the “trumpet of the Lord” that he has been to me. I pray that you are well and my great hope is that God will continue to raise up men like Bryan Anthony who will carry on the message of Art Katz. The church needs it desperately. (I would love to read your book, where could I get a copy)

      Fellow Laborer,


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  6. It’s been like coming across hidden treasure to have found your “Thoughts on Rising”……words fall short and thank you isn’t nearly enough! My heart is full. May God continue to bless His word through this page.

  7. Hey Bryan – my name is Gary …. Ive been reading some of your blogg with great interest and i have watched your interview on youtube with Art Katz …. Some wonderful insights …. Though we may agree on many things to do with Israel there are perhaps what i would consider to be an overemphasis (something we shall all fall foul of) on some aspects … There will always be – i suspect – things that we will not all agree on … Im not speaking of heretical things… but rather about ‘dim’ things, things which shall be made clearer in its unfolding. This does not prevent us from being one – a oneness which Jesus has ordered that shall be found only in Him and not in mere common view or opinion.
    Thank you for your earnestness…
    Till we all come to the unity of the faith…

    In Jesus always

  8. Bryan, would you please pray I beg you that God will make me a preacher as defined by the Apostolic calling, a man that would fear no one except Him Jesus Christ who saved me,

    • Gabriel,

      I am praying for you, for the blessing of an increased knowledge of God, and the perfect unfolding of His purposes in your life.

      Grace to You,


  9. Hi. nice to see you again. I never had anything toward you but kind and gracious thoughts. … just thought to let you know. Shalom in Sar Shalom Yeshua, the Lord.

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